Musical Prayers for America – CD for Intercessors


Musical Prayers for America

Jumpstart your prayers for America

“A New Song – Hope for America”  

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Just in time for National Day of Prayer,  this music is designed to motivate and refresh intercessors praying for America.   Get your creative God-juices flowing as you lift up our nation.  Thank you for being watchmen on the wall.

The music on this album is entirely improvised leaving room for the leading of the Lord – and for you.  So cut loose and have fun with the Father.  My grandchildren certify this album danceable.

See 15,000 Miles for more details of the prayer journey that inspired the music.









Donations for this album will be used for recording the next prayer CD – Blessings for China –  expected release early 2015.

Donations on this site are not tax deductible.   CONTACT US  for information on how to make a tax deductible donation.





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