About Symphony Of Nations



To raise up groups of international artists working together using their art in diverse ways to glorify God.



In Ephesians 2:10 we read that we are God’s ‘workmanship’.  That original word “poeima” can also be translated “symphony”.  If you put poeima with rehyma (God’s word come to life) you get that we are God’s Word come to life in the symphony.


Symphony of Nations (SON) was started in 2002 by Joyce and Herrick.    Our desire is to use classical music in missions in many different ways and to recognize the power of God that is present in music of all styles.

Symphony of Nations has included many different projects.  For example: providing inservice training for dancers in India; creating a School of Classical Music in Missions in Ukraine; organizing choirs of Korean students accompanied by string quartets; and interceding for nations with music and dance – Ukraine, Brazil, China and other Eastern Asia countries.



We are gathering Korean students in Kona for choral concerts.

We are praying for nations with music – most recently USA (see report on PRAY USA)

We are recording musical prayers.

We lead seminars on songwriting and on improvisation for purpose of intercession.

We’re open to God directing additional projects.



2 thoughts on “About Symphony Of Nations

  1. jobin says:

    i wanted to do a schools can u please help me in this …music

    • joycehenry says:

      Hi Jobin – Thanks for visiting the website. What instrument do you play? What kind of school are you interested in? I’m happy to help you search for the right option. How old are you and what nation are you from? Joyce at SON

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