15,000 Miles of Prayer for USA ~ Journal and Photos

A musical journey of prayer and prophecy for our nation

A musical journey of prayer and prophecy for our nation


In July, August and September of 2012 Joyce and Meliza traveled the perimeter of the US to pray musical prayers over our nation.   God had said to ‘sing My song over My people’.    We played violin and read scripture at beaches, parks, roadsides, houses of prayer, churches, the elipse of the White House and ground zero as well as empty football stadiums and high towers.  We prayed and took communion at each corner of the USA being blessed by the Native American leaders of that land.

What follows is a narrative of this 100 day, 15,000 mile journey.   Thanks for your interest.  Please contact us if you have had similar experiences or if you are interested in participating in any future prayer journeys.

Bon Voyage Party Time  – July 19, 2012



HERE WE GO !!!        Thanks for the sendoff party everybody!

GoodBye party PRAY USA


First Two Corners will be Key West, Florida  and Lubec, Maine.

Key West

South East corner: Key West, Florida

North East Corner: Lubec, Main

North East Corner: Lubec, Ma



Pray USA 2012

July 2   The cars  packed. Are our hearts ready?

blowing the rams horn

blowing the rams horn

Meliza waving flag

Meliza waving flag

Louisiana Prayers July 13, 2012

The stories of devastation from Katrina still feel fresh after 7 years.   This city has re invented itself and is still in the process of rebuilding.   We felt to pray for families and unity between denominations as they unite around the issue of pro-life.  That really speaks to the theme of this prayer journey God has given – “Abundant Life”

Bridge into Louisana

crossing over into Louisana

We prayed for the lives of young people in Louisiana and against a pervading spirit of depression we felt.  I’m sure anyone who has worked in pregnancy clinics can see a thread between having an abortion and feeling so depressed you might resort to suicide.

We also prayed about the Mississippi River emptying so many of American’s rivers (East ofcontinentaldivide) and how that could be considered a cleansing that brings the filth (literal and spiritual) to this port city and out into the Gulf.   He wants full abundant life for us – peace, joy, love, security – the good stuff.


Prayers in Birmingham July 13

In Birmingham we met up with my dear friend, Jane, who I played with in the prayer towers of Jerusalem in 2009.  She and I have a kindred spirit – we’re on the same wave length you might say.   We played musical prayers together – with piano, violin and flute.   Her Mom contributed  some rousing old hymns on piano and Meliza read the Word.

Jane and Mama    Alabama Motto

Alabama Motto
Atlanta prayers

old DTS friends


Georgia Prayers in Atlanta

Picture the sweetest face with peaches and cream complexion and you’ll have our “hostess with the mostest” in Atlanta.  Chrissie is a modern day version of a Southern Belle and treated us like royalty.  On top of that she has such a heart for prayer and joined us in asking God to bring a new righteousness to Atlanta.     The unofficial city motto of Atlanta is that ‘we are too busy to hate’ – so we prayed that they would slow down enough to love –God and each other.

Both Birmingham and Atlanta were ‘special’ stops off our official route of around the border of USA, but well worth it for the friendships they cemented.

Florida Prayers July 19, 2012

storm over Tallahassee

storm over Tallahassee

Tallahassee State House

Tallahassee State House


In Tallahassee Joyce helped worship with her violin and I read of the Word. We got a lot of insights about the city and the state itself. It was a great time of joining our hearts and spirits together to stand in the gap for the land.It was an opened door connection with IHOP family. God blessed us with a place to stay with our beautiful Godly hostess, Khadijah.

Tallahassee Fl

Recording a minor key version of My Country Tis of Thee


prayer in Tallahassee

Meliza reading the Word


Joyce joined the worship team with her violin and I was with the prayer team led intercession with the reading of the Word. It was a great time. A time we joined hearts and spirits together in behalf of the land.


Talahassee had been one of the highlight for me during the first week of the outreach.  God met us in a way we never expected and with a surprised.  IHOP friends were praying in the morning of that same day that there would be a YWAM team visit.   In the afternoon we inquired about coming.  What a quick answered to their prayers.  We played in the State House of Representatives – on the top floor during a dark storm that almost hid the city from site.  We recorded one of the tracks for the CD in the Tallahassee House of Prayer.

State House of Florida

State House of Florida

Check out the inscribed motto

Check out the inscribed motto

Painting of the State Capitol

Painting of the State Capitol


Crossing Florida July 20,

We left Tallahassee in a rainstorm.   This was day 9 of our trip and day 9 of RAIN.   People keep praying over us that we would bring the ‘rain’….and I keep reminding God that they really mean ‘spiritual rain’.

So next stop was N. Fort Meyers on the Gulf Coast.  We were treated to a wonderfully cozy little home for 2 nights.     We prayed for church unity.   One of our ‘missions’ is to ask God what ‘abundant life’ would look like in each of the 7 spheres of society.   So for instance, what would abundant like look like in church?  It would look like us working together in unity.


Driving across Alligator Alley in southern Florida we actually did see a huge alligator – he must have been at least 6 feet from tip to tip.   He was not in a cage like at the zoo – just there in the canal beside the highway.   A friendly trucker feeding the fish enticed this hungry crock over for a Kodak moment.   IMG_2674


Stopping in Miami was next and staying with a Philippine friend.   I have been so protected from the news in the last 10 years in other countries….I had not heard before about the ‘designer drugs’ (example: bath salts).   It was shocking and frightening to hear what this horrendous drug can cause people to become.   I had to repent of fear – He is our protector.   The next day was our big journey down to THE FIRST CORNER.

Florida grasshopper

Florida grasshopper


First Corner – Key West  – July 21

The SPOT - most southern and eastern point

The destination –

Driving to Key West takes longer than you think.   Two lane roads pass through tourist town after tourist town.   I kept thinking ‘this must be the last bridge’.  Surely we are there by now?   Nope.

Finally end was marked by the buoy marking “Southermost Point.”  We prayed and it seemed God lead us to read about the prodigal sonAmerica as the prodigal.  Time to wake up and realize we are eating with the pigs while our Father is anxiously waiting for us to come home.  This experience inspired one of the tracks on “A New Song ~ Hope for America” CD.

We took communion and left some ‘glory beads’ on the spot.   This felt like the completion of an important part of the assignment.


We enjoyed communion on the Pacific side of Key West

We enjoyed communion on the Pacific side of Key West

At the end of a long drive back from Key West, we dragged into a small church in Homested, Fl.   Our host for the night was the Pastor.   Good things are going to come from that.It is now day 14 of our trip and looks like it might be only the 2nd day without rain.


Psalm 71 prayed out for America July 29

While praying this morning, I got Psalm 71 that made our hearts cry in behalf of the nation. I posted it here for you not only to read it but in agreement with us, make it as your prayer according to the scripture. I change the words I, my,him and me to America as a person praying and crying out to God for help. From New Century Version of the Bible. A prayer of a weak and hopeless person(America).

sun set

PS 71
In you, Lord, is America’s protection.
Never let America  be ashamed.
2 Because you do what is right, save and rescue America ;
listen to America and save America.
3 Be America place of safety
where America can always come.
Give the command to save America,
because you are America’s rock and America’s strong, walled city.
4  God, save America from the power of the wicked
and from the hold of evil and cruel people.
5 Lord, you are America’s hope…12 God, don’t be far off.
God, hurry to help America.
13 Let those who accuse America
be ashamed and destroyed… 24 Let America tell about your justice all day long. And those who want to hurt America will be ashamed and disgraced.  Amen.

Our Philippine network

Our Philippine network

Myrtle Beach July 25

In Myrtle Beach we prayed against a spirit of mammon.   Lots of wealth.   Thats okay if its not an idol.   Our hostess, Becky from Christ with the Nations, has started a yogurt business where the proceeds go to help victims of human trafficking.

Barking Fish in Myrtle Beach
Praying over mammon in Myrtle Beach

We met with other local intercessors – asking them how they see the state and what concerns they have.  Interestingly  several different people have prophesied about a big storm coming – whether it is natural or spiritual, it will impact the lives of people along the South Carolina shore.  This was 1 month before Tropical Storm ‘Sandy’ which IMG_2754devastated music of the Eastern Coast.  We asked God to help people build the arc in their hearts that would be close relationship with Him securing them from the storm.   They need the kind of secure friendship with Him that allows them to know because they know because they know that they can hear His voice and respond to it.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach

Richmond, Virginia – Aug 5

We’re in Virginia.  So much history here.  So much to know about.  Makes me wish I’d paid better attention in High School American History class. Plenty of prayer fodder there.  So we spend time asking the Father what was on His heart about this area and He gave us Ps 71 to pray over USA.  We changed all the pronouns from ‘me, I and my’ to America.   Powerful – you should try it.   Such a tender heart God has toward our nation.

We lead a small group in prayer this morning.    It was a prayer for creativity at the end – creativity in EVERYTHING we do whether it is washing dishes or typing reports or sharing the gospel.  Invite into the mix and you have a new way of doing things.  He didn’t stop creating when He was done with the world…He was just getting started and now He includes us in the process.  Whooppee.


We visited an all African-American church in Richmond.   It was an eye opener for me – about myself.  I grew up watching the fire hoses on television and thinking how awful it was for people to be treated like animals.   But I didn’t fully understand the depth of the damage from centuries of being slaves.   Its a deep deep wound that is not healed yet.   Meliza and I spent 3 hours Sunday afternoon praying about that deep root of damage.   I drew a picture of the before and after of having God remove the ugly root of rejection and rebellion.

African American church


Richmond Prayers

Sweet little house for us in Richmond


Relational Prayers –  Aug 9

I knew from the beginning that this was a different kind of intercessory trip.   Our ‘assignment’ was so general – travel around the US border and ‘sing His song over His people’.   The idea of staying with families and churches and ministries along the way by definition requires a strong element of relationship.  That sounds like God to me.  He doesn’t waste a thing

Today we travel to Washington DC.   I am totally jazzed about being here in our nations capitol and tomorrow morning I will play my violin on the White House ellipse.

Washington DC Prayers – August 10

We stayed with the YWAM House of Prayer and it was a great blessing to work with the musicians there.   Every morning at 6am till 7am they go to the Elipse at the White House (as close as you can get these days) and worship and read scripture.   I played there with them and found the song for DC was a marching insistent sound that represented God marching across the land.  It was followed by a sweet song that soothed the soul and finally a loud crashing sound that said ‘ENOUGH’.


capitol building DC


Pray USA 2012 July 31

We had a long(until almost 11 am) morning of worship, warfare and prophetic act of declaring God’s truth to DC, leadership, nation and the people in YWAM DC base, after we did the 6-7am intercession at the back of the White House.

whitehouse I’m so blessed with the powerful worship time with YWAM DC group, having so much passion to God and fire when it comes to intercession and warfare. There’s so much freedom in our midst and believing the power of the Holy Spirit that HE’s going to do something to the nation, as a result of this worship and warfare time.
Thank you so much for remembering us in prayers.


YWAM DC is sponsoring a 40 day 24/7 Worship ‘burn’ at the White House starting late Sept and ending on election day.   Contact Jason Hersey there if you want to sign up for a time slot to come with your team and worship.   From 9pm to 6am sets will be acoustic only.   www.ywamdc.com  Jason’s final report on this 40 day 24/7 worship gathering can be viewed here


Playing at St Lukes across from Ground Zero

Playing at St Lukes across from Ground Zero


Pray USA 2012 Aug 1

People always ask how we know where we are going to stay.  The answer is  – we DON’T.   NYC was an example of not having a contact with hospitality available…only happened 4 times in the whole trip.   But we ended up in a motel.  God’s in charge.


New York, New York….ah new york – Aug 12

  St Luke’s is the historical church  George Washington was inaugurated as our first president (before there was a Washington DC).  The blast of 911 did not cause damage to this building and became a center for rest and refreshment for rescue workers for the next 9 months.  Collections of memorial items are there and the messages of encouragement are still displayed on the walls.   I was allowed to play in the central room and people seemed to enjoy it.   But mostly I hope God heard our prayers for  repentance and restoration.
Its surprising that Ground Zero is pretty much still a hole in the ground….construction is happening, but there is a long way to go.  We peeked through the chain link fence.

hold in the ground zero

Pray USA 2012 Aug 4


Flag over Wall Street

Flag over Wall Street


We also wandered around downtown Manhattan checking out the NY Stock Exchange and the Statue of Liberty.  We took the free ferry over to Governors Island.   I was so glad to have taken the light rail in from Newark, New Jersey and left the car safely parked there.  The day was quite manageable and I had been nervous about driving in NY.  Of course we did get stuck on the George Washington Bridge (I call it the $12 parking lot cause of the toll) a couple days later when we started north from New Jersey.  Overall – I’m extremely glad to be out of the East Coast mega-metroplex traffic.


Pennsylvania Prayers – August 11



Why Coatesville?   I asked myself that same question.   But it was an invitation and God seems to be directing our path be putting unexpected invitations in our way.  Its that relational stuff again.  Matui leads one of the most international YWAM bases I’ve ever visited…people from India, Egypt, Columbia, Fiji, Nigeria and probably more countries that I haven’t mentioned.   They have a restful house in the country which fed our travel weary bodies.   We had very moving prayer with repentance to the nations for mistakes American has made.


A surprising side benefit was Matui and Nehemiah’s connection with the ancestral tribal chief of the 5 Nations of North East.  I’ve wanted to connect with the First Nation people, but have not had the right connections up until now.  We will be visiting the church of Pastor Willie in upstate New York.   We’ll receive a First Nations blessing there.   I have a special gift to take to him.


The Harbinger visit – August 13

As I was preparing for this trip someone gave me a copy of ‘The Harbinger’ by Jonathan Cahn.  The premise of the book is that when 911 happened God removed His hand of protection from over USA as He had removed it from Israel centuries before.   It draws from dates on the Hebrew calendar and makes parallels between our current history and that of Israel.  Somewhat scary and definitely made an impact on me.  So praying at Ground Zero was important.



Beautiful Maine – August 15

What a beautiful place.   So peaceful on the highways.  People wave and smile and let you in and don’t cut you off.  Gotta love it.

When I first heard a young lady from Maine trying to sell me a piece of fried bread, I wondered what country she was from….couldn’t quite place the accent.  Then I heard someone else speaking with the same tones and thought there must be a community of immigrants from that nation.  Nope.   Its the main way people talk in Maine.




We had wonderful connections with local intercessors here.  Our hosts in Lewiston (old YWAM friends from China and their parents who do an amazing ministry for Somali refugees) had arranged for us to meet a number of prayer movers and shakers.   They took us to the State Capitol building and I was invited to play all over the building.   It echoed in the marble hallways and people came out of their offices to see what was happening.   I got to play/pray on the floor of the Senate chamber and the House of Representatives as well for a Governors ceremony to celebrate Purple Heart Veterans.   What a great opportunity.  Keep in mind that what I play are prayers.

State House in Lewiston Maine


Pray USA 2012 Aug 7

We went to the Capitol Building where the governor’s office was located. We were welcomed to use one of the room of the Judge and had a great time in our intercession from 8am this morning  There’s the strong presence of the Holy Spirit especially when we entered the room of the Senate(judiciary) room.

I will include some pictures that we took today inside the capitol of Maine.
Psalm 33 esp.20-22 “So our hope is in the Lord. HE is our help, our shield to protect us. We rejoice in HIM, because we trust HIS Holy Name. Lord, show Your love to us, as we put our hope in YOU.”(NCV)
Got a picture of an egg was force to open didn’t wait until the chick comes out. It’s just like when we ask God in prayer we want the answer now…but the process that goes with that is to hatch it. Praying is hatching. We have to keep praying for the egg to be hatch. Consistent praying is covering the egg for the right time for the chick to come out. Just like what the group of intercessors doing here in the Capitol, they’re hatching the place in prayer until such time the answer to it will come out like a chick.   Thanks for hatching with us in prayer.  Meliza

State House in Maine

Playing for the Veterans Celebration

state capitol building Maine

State Capitol building of Maine


Second Corner – West Quadie Point Light

The next day we drove further north and went to the most North Easterly place in continental US.    We gathered at West Quadie Light for prayer and communion.   Local prayer warriors  joined us as we held worship service at foot of the lighthouse.   We blew the Shofar and had a tailgate communion service.





We had communion when we prayed on the very Eastern point corner of Maine. It was so different from our time in Key WEst-the first corner in Florida. Here, we prayed with a group of intercessors and communion with the land as we poured out the ‘wine'(grape juice) and bread all around the area where we walked.


It was really great to pray with the locals who knew exactly the past and recent situation and get the heart of God for it. We’re blessed with our time with them with 3 kids/youth with us, very significant for me knowing that there’s so much child abuse in the state.
We prayed for God’s continuous healing to flow to the land.
Your prayers flowed through our time over there. I make sure I jot down things in my journal as well as Joyce’s.
Thank you for flowing with us through your consistent prayers support.




There were many meaningful prayers for Maine that day including asking God to help Maine correct the problems of child abuse.

We returned to friends house and had a real Maine meal – fresh lobstah (the Maine pronunciation) directly from the dock.  It goes into the pot black and comes out bright red.  Heck of a lot of work to get it out of its shell, but worth the labor when you dip it into melted butter.  yum – and thats from a non-fish lover.

dock to pot

From the dock to the pot to Meliza’s plate !

We leave tomorrow early to drive toward Burlington Vermont where we will pick up another prayer partner (Jenya from Korea) and end up at the Native America church for Sat night and Sunday.   I think we really need to go by Niagra Falls – with two foreigners in the car its a must see and of course – all that water is a good thing to pray over.  I have enjoyed our time in beautiful Maine.



Next Corner:  Cape Flattery, Washington

 Pray USA 2012 Aug 15

Jenya joined us and we find that a team of three is even more fun….more personalities and more Holy Spirit vessels to pull together in prayer. We’ve been to the Mohawk reservation in northern New York state where they demonstrated the spirit of adoption which is part of their fist nations culture – great hospitality. They have wonderful vision for a healing house on the reserve.  Our prayer point impressions were that God choses to work through His people – thats US.   And we have to be willing to say ‘YES’ to the kingdom strategies He gives us – no more excuses America.  Say YES, Church.   Allow Him to solve our nation’s challenges through you.


Also additional news about our time at Mohawk reservation in New York. We led the Sunday church worship, Joyce played her violin and I (Meliza) played the guitar while leading it with 3 background singers standing beside me. There was encouraging words to the church I sensed to share which was very timely with what Pastor Willy had in mind to the church that morning. God is good.




Niagara Falls –

The power of God is so on display with all that water pounding over the falls.   Majestic.   Revelation talks about how God’s voice sounds like roaring waterfall.    Meliza saw this amazing wonder  for the first time.   She and Jenya went down in Maid of the Mist.  They came back dripping wet and thrilled with the power of God they saw on display.


If God were a water fall His name would be Niagara.

Meliza’s report of the falls:   …I wished I could stay on the very center of the falls. It was like I’m in heaven. The power of how the water goes so fast and hard spoke to me of the powerful Creator and His love for creation. I was in tears the first time I thought of it. God is more than that I believe. “Lord, lead the people to see and know You through the beauty of Your creation like this falls.”

Power of God's Creation

Power of God’s Creation









Bernie is one fantastic guitar player. He has chords that melted my heart.   I found myself wanting to sing rather than play – I was finding words. “I am your God, you are my child, and cha breaka my heart. But I AM and I WILL.”  This spoke volumes to me about who He is is and how He is in charge and still the loving Father.   This experience is recorded on “A New Song ~ Hope for America” on track called, The I Am Speaks.


I was worn thin and needing the  presence of God.  We have been bringing a long long grocery list to Father for a month now.  I was relieved to hear that “HE WIL”   I believe the ‘I will’ is just like the ‘I am’…complete sentence…end of comment.   oh my.  How comforting to get in touch with who is God here again.




 Meadville Pa – House of Prayer Aug 15

upstate New York

Meliza teaching in Meadeville, Pa IHOP

In Pennsylvania Altar House of Prayer, made my heart moved and deepened the desire for the youth as that morning before we left, I was asked to share about our mission journey to a group of youth ages 9-14. I testified on my experienced about God’s love and forgiveness which had a big part on the vision and calling to be part of this outreach. Afterwards we prayed for each one of them. A 14 yr old girl sobbing with tears while laying hands on her, asked this question four times ‘how did you know?’ Something hidden from the inside that was brought out to light. Thank You Jesus.

Meliza playing my violin

Who is that crazy violinist?

Michigan My Michigan Aug 17

I grew up here.   I raised my kids here.  This is home.   Its been a joy to be here in Michigan connecting with prayer people and asking God to heal my state.   We prayed at the largest mosque in our nation – its in Dearborn where there is a large Muslim population.   Meliza boldly went in and was given a headscarf (hijab) and was allowed to join them in prayer.   Of course she prayed differently and the women were confounded.

dearborn Michigan Mosque

largest mosque in USA


Pray USA 2012 Aug 20

We prayed beside the Muslim Mosque building this morning. It was so beautiful and so new, May ’05, so impressive.
A lady invited me to go inside and was told to wear the ‘turban’ to cover my head so I can go all the way to their prayer hall. I was greeted all the time in Arabic language though.
I saw the hall similar to what they have back in Manila Philippines. I just stayed inside for 10 minutes to pray around. It was a different experienced for me.

Then, there’s one thing that surprised me, we saw 3 different churches few meters away from the Mosque and each other: an Orthodox, Lutheran and Community Christian Church.
Praying for the Christian churches to rise up and be an influence no matter how big that mosque was.

Michigan state legislators

We prayed for the Michigan state legislators in the parking lot where they parked their cars


Lansing Michigan

Michigan State Legislature – beautiful building

In East Lansing we visited the soon-to-open 24/7 Prayer Room across the street my from my own MSU dorm.  There is a move on campuses and we prayed into that with repentance from my generation and a heartfelt confession from Meliza’s.




Playing around with a young friend


We spent a couple days resting with old friends  –  it was a much needed break.   Refreshed we went our way and just this evening had a wonderful time of prayer and worship with residents of northern lower Michigan in Indian River Straite’s Gate House of Prayer.   It was so encouraging.   We prayed again for the youth of our nation.   Again I felt led to confess that my generation has taught the youths that they are little more than a monkey and are basically an inconvenience and that we really could abort them if we wanted to.   No wonder they turn to drugs and video games and even suicide to find relief from the meaninglessness of life.

lost in UP

This is what happens in Michigan when you set your GPS on walk rather than drive.


The Lord met us tonight with so much prayer of blessings with the Strait Gate House of prayer group right after we’re done with the worship and intercession for the country and the state of Michigan. It was also a time of being recharged with all the words of encouragement and prophesies confirming our outreach goal and vision. Yahoo!!! God is more than amazing!!!



NMU Football

we rocked the rafters of the NMU Football stadium with praise and prayer

Northern Border Patrol

Leaving lower Michigan was like entering a whole different culture.   Colder.  Rural.   Higher gasoline prices.   But still warm friendly people.   We’ve been handed along from one family to another like birds in flight going from one nesting place to another.   We’ve stayed with people who are serious intercessors – who regularly kick the enemy in the teeth.   We’ve plugged into a network of intercessors from Chuck Pierce and Cindy Jacobs at Glory of Zion ministry.  They are trained and networked and prepared to go for it.

In Ashland, Wisconsin we met a treasure hunter who dives the great lakes for booty from shipwrecks.  He has found evidence of the Phoenicians being in this area even before Native Americans.   There are millions of tons of copper ‘missing’ from the mines up here and the theory is that King Solomon sent his soldiers here to bring back copper and smelt it into brass for the temple.   There is archeological evidence to support the theory and in the next month the history channel is doing a piece on the find.


International Falls …. burrrrr..

Great intercession time with a group of women here in International Falls, Minnesota. At Rainy River, the boundary between Minnesota and Ontario Canada, the Indian chiefs met to make decisions. It is such a significant place – very much the North Gate between America and Canada. We are breaking the ground and speak life and truth to it as well.
Now we are heading on to Baudette, Minnesota – a 2 hours trip. Tuesday we will go to Itaska where the Mississipi River starts its flow down to New Orleans, Louisiana. A group of local intercessors will go with us.

Baudette Minnesota prayers

Tonight we are at the end of a two day rest in Baudette, Minn – the Walleye capitol of the WORLD !  We had sample of fresh Walleye for lunch – a very mild white fish.  yummy.   Tomorrow we head out for North Dakota.



Deluth Minnesota Radio Interview

Dear friends I would like to share with you this: WWJC in Duluth, Minnesota put our radio interview last week in their archives. Here’s the link.
Have a great day!

Linked with Intercessor Networks on the Border

Joyce did a great job with the conference call from Glory of Zion tonight. Thanks for praying.
Tomorrow we’ll be going out to significant high place in Duluth Minnesota to pray called Spirit MOuntain. We heard that it’s an interesting place to worship and pray.  
Will be praying with a group of intercessors tomorrow afternoon at Ashley, Wisconsin.

Minnesota Prayers

Great intercession time with a group of women here in International Falls, Minnesota. At Rainy River, the boundary between Minnesota and Ontario Canada, the Indian chiefs met to make decisions. It is such a significant place – very much the North Gate between America and Canada. We are breaking the ground and speak life and truth to it as well.

10 commandments
There are still places that display the Word of God.

Now we are heading on to Baudette, Minnesota – a 2 hours trip. Tuesday we will go to Itaska where the Mississipi River starts its flow down to New Orleans, Louisiana. A group of local intercessors will go with us.

North Dakota Prayers

We’re headed to go to the west of North Dakota this morning for 6 hours drive hopfully without U-turns. But we are going to stop and pray at the International Garden today and into the first mosque in the United States – in Pembina, ND


Eastern Star

Eastern Star prayer chapel at International Prayer Garden


oldest Mosque in USA

Two very different perspectives on the oldest Mosque in USA


oldest mosque in USA

daytime view of mosque


It always takes my breath away.  How can the sky here in Montana be really bigger than other places?  I know all the regular explanations – but the truth is the sky is just BIGGER here.   Its such a place to stretch-out and breath.   We had our third motel in Havre – this time supplied by a hostess who wanted ‘part of the action’ but could not be home to host us there.

creative dinosaur

Wild animals on the prarie




Montana prayers

Praying over the Big Sky

We pray in the car and worship.  We play scripture recordings and some great music.   Burnie in Niagara Falls gave us FANTASTIC worship music to drive by.   We bounce along singing at the top of our lungs and asking God to wake up Montana and remind her that she is like the prodigal son – eating pig slop.   There is so much more waiting at Father’s house.   Come back.

Refreshing fellowship at Lakeside, Mt with old YWAM friend.   Her artwork is fantastic and we had deep conversation – does God want art for art sake, or only art that can be used in evangelism?  Does He enjoy our creativity or just want to use it?  I bet you can guess my answer to that.

glacier part

Waiting on construction in Glacier National Park


glacier flute

A little flute prayer over Glacier National Park


Through Idado and into Washington State  Sept 10

After leaving Lakeside, Montana we meandered across the rest of Montana and the little bitty bit of Idaho that has northern border.   We ended up taking the route 20 across the Cascade Mountains in Washington state.  What a beautiful journey.  Now, all this sometimes feels like a vacation – but a wise woman once told me you have to LOVE what you pray for.  So we are learning to LOVE the beauty of this country – state by state.

Old Glory in Idaho

Old Glory in Idaho



This is as close to Alaska as we're going to get

This is as close to Alaska as we’re going to get

singin' and dancin' and prayin' cross the USA.

singin’ and dancin’ and prayin’ cross the USA.



Dancing and Driving  Sept 10

We’ve been singing this song “There’s No God Like Jehovah”
www.youtube.com/watch? ….while we’re praying for God’s blessing on the land especially the people – to recognize our Loving God through HIS creation; and to come back to HIM – the Only One AMAZING GOD, the CREATOR of us ALL….and we’re dancing with that music inside the car while Joyce’s driving 🙂
Friends, we’re so grateful to your continuous prayers for us 🙂
Please pray for God’s extra strength for Joyce’s driving the whole time – wish I could drive to replace her from time to time.

Beautiful place to drive for miles and miles

Beautiful place to drive for miles and miles


great rocks of the Cascades

great rocks of the Cascades


Cascade Mountain Beauty

Meliza’s view:  I couldn’t believe how much beauty America has. I mean more here up north. God is sooooo beautiful God! HE is really good to us ,HIS creation. HIS Huge love is soooooo amazing, so great, so powerful, soooooo everything, HE loves us by providing these beautiful places with lots of trees, birds and mountains or hills.We’d passed through Glacier Park in MOntana, with my Wooooooooow – saying all the time.   I am convicted with all my complaints and was fascinated with the beauty and how much God extended HIS love and so much of HIS grace through this country of America… so, repent Meliza.


Winthrop, Washington  Sept 11

We settled into a retreat center in Winthrop, Wa for just one night.  Its the kind of place you’d like to stay a week.  So peaceful and beautiful.  Great times of worship together.  

sword cross

The perfect prop for Meliza’s message on the sword and cross


Some flag worship in Washington

Some flag worship in Washington

We arrived in Seattle where both Meliza and I have freinds.   I visited my Dad and my sister and my brother and his family.   We took a couple days to prepare for the third corner.

shofar and Dad

My dad taking his turn on the shofar


Third Corner – Cape Flattery on Olympic Peninsula

15 years ago when I was out at this place it was VERY rustic.  I remember stumbling over roots and soggy boggs on the way to view the North Western most point of the USA.  But the Makah tribe has done a wonderful job of updating the trail and making sturdy observation decks that really are more secure feeling than the wide open ‘plunge off the titanic’ view we used to have.

blue sky in Washington

The day was so so blue blue

We checked in with a local pastor, a leader of the Macah tribe, at the Assembly of God church and he welcomed us to the land and blessed our trip to the Cape.  That is valuable protocol. The prayers for the North West had to do with arrogance and pride.

cape flattery

The official third corner – Cape Flattery

The hike out is about 35 min and we had a spectacular day – see the photos on the home page..wow.   It was windy on the point, but clear and blue.  Many people were there with us and may have wondered why some crazy lady was playing violin and shofar and who that little person was reading the Bible.  But we also found many smiles and appreciation for the hymns.

Blowing the Shofar over the 3rd corner

Blowing the Shofar over the 3rd corner

trees of olympic corner

Sun through the trees where we had communion

My friend Anne went with us – she took the beautiful  pictures.   It was a great day of fellowship and prayer.  We had communion and blessed the land.   This photo is the lovely dark woods just off the point where we spent some time praying.   So…three down and one to go.  Lord help us finish well. 



Salem, Oregon seems like an innocent town – not too big and not too much traffic.  But I got lost and then found myself in the wrong lane and before I knew it….CRASH.   Now my poor little Nissan Versa is bashed in on the drivers side door and my insurance rate will probably increase.   What did I learn?   Never under any circumstances prefer the GPS on my phone to having my hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.   I was trying to do too many things at one time.   And I have to say its taken the wind out of my sails.   I used to think I could drive anywhere.  It runs in my family – women driving cross country.   So here I am now, humbler and more careful and with a TALKING GPS app on my phone.

accident in Salem



Prayers on the Oregon Coast  Sept 18

WE prayed along the coast here in Oregon today. We found interesting stuff to pray for the state since yesterday and today. God is good!
Then, tomorrow we’ll leave for Chico California for two nights.
So, California, here we come with Holy Spirit and HIS Words. Get ready, worship the Lord your God and serve HIM only!
Thank you our dear warrior friends for riding with us in prayers all the time.


oregon coast

Reading scripture on the cold Oregon Coast


oregon coast

Chilly songs of praise



The trip down the Pacific coast has been good.   Again – it has been very relational.  This time it is Meliza who has LOTS of friends in California and we’ve visited them all in between prayers for the state and for the region of Pacific coast.  

california governement

California State House

We’ve again been gently handed from one hostess to another confirming the Father’s tender care for us.   Thank you to all of the Philippine community in Sacramento and Oxnard and Ventura…you have been most gracious.


welcome cake

Welcome from dear friends


meliza and friends

Meliza and Friends


old songs

Playing with Grandmother

The message we have been hearing for California is … ‘reach outside yourself’..’lay down the inner focus’.    That along with our usual prayers :  WAKE UP !   YOU’RE EATING PIG SLOP   (like the Prodigal Son who wasted his inheritance and found himself eating in the pig pen) THE FATHER HAS A FEAST PREPARED FOR YOU AT HOME !  GO HOME – HE IS WAITING FOR YOU !


golden gate bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

We have a few days in Los Angles and then on to our fourth corner – San Diego.   We’ve found the South Western corner marker in Border Field State Park.   We’re waiting to hear what the fourth corner pillar will be.   Thanks for praying with us. 

California Here We Are… ??

Here in Southern California we’ve found a dead end on our usual source of contacts.   Generally we try to find local intercessors to pray with – by definition when you go this far (all around the USA) in a short time (4 months) you go on the surface in your prayers.   We need the help of local intercessors to know where they are digging the deep wells – what are the issues of this region?  It works both ways – we need them and then in return we can encourage them – sort of be reinforcements to the ground troops.

philippine intercessor

Help from Philippine intercessor friend


Praying Over Nations or People?

But here the networks seem to be very busy with various conferences and prayer initiatives.  They are organizing remarkable conference calls for intercession.  And my usual network of houses of prayer have not panned out either.   So for these three days we’ve found ourselves with Meliza’s friends ministering to individual people rather than praying the big prayers for a nation.

violin and choir

Choir with violin obligato


short philippino

Do you see I’m taller than everyone else?


Have you noticed I’m taller than everyone?   By Philippine standards I’m a giant  5′ 4″.

Pictures are of us in social situations where I have played ‘over’ people while Meliza has read scripture for them or prayed prayers.  After the music we’ve all talked about what we think we heard God say for that person….words of affirmation.   Looks like fun eh?   It is !!

california sunset

Hard to beat the beauty of a California sunset


LA musicians

YWAM LA amazing musicians



Quilting for shut ins – a traditional art still alive



So many wonderful people opened their homes


Incredibly talented and dedicated worshipers in San Diego

Incredibly talented and dedicated worshipers in San Diego





Fourth and Final Corner – Border State Park

border state part estuary

Border State Park


Fourth Corner  – Saturday October 6

Thank you for praying for us when we went to the fourth corner which is Border Field State Park, a boundary between Tiajuana, Mexico and San Diego, California. That was an amazing time where we had the communion at the beach and continued it at the parking area where Joyce played her violin while I read scriptures. We got so much revelations on what to pray for. It was a good time.
Then we had opportunity to minister to Calvary church before we left San Diego this morning. 
We arrived in Yuma, Arizona tonight with our host who’s a Women’s aglow member. So, tomorrow we will be ministering to the Aglow group. We’ll appreciate your prayers.



mexico us fence

Fence between us and Mexico


It was kinda spookie – the park ‘rangers’ have spherical bubble helmets and wear white jump suits.  They look like something out of a science fiction movie.  And they were VERY attentive…asking us to move back from the fence and watching over the top of a ridge as we took communion in the parking lot.   It is a natural perserve and they are very vigilant about protecting the bird species.   I felt like maybe we should have used whole wheat bread for communion.


flute at the fence

Flute at the Fence

 Gasoline Prices keep going UP

gasoline price

This is the highest we saw on the trip – right up there at 5 bucks a gal.

 Arizona Prayers – October 8

large cactus

Small Philippina and large Cactus

Donna joins us …. REINFORCEMENTS !

Donna joins us

Reinforcements by name of DONNA

Los Cruces NM

Fun restaurant in Los Cruces


Prayers Against Random Violence   Tucson  October 12

In Tucson we stopped at the site of the shooting of Gabby Gifford a year and a half ago. It was the parking lot of a Safeway grocery where she had been giving a public Q&A session. We prayed for the blood of Jesus to cover the area and to bring new life where there was death – 6 people had died there. As we read in Isaiah about the new shoot coming out of the stump of Jessie, a young boy about 12 came and listened while I played flute and Donna read the scripture. He stayed through the full reading and then offered us a US quarter and Euro on cent piece. I explained we were not playing for money and were praying around the borders of the USA. His name was Gabe…a new shoot certainly well named.

Gabrielle Giffords shooting
Praying in the Safeway parking lot where Gabrielle Giffords was shot

Praying for the Mexico/USA Border

Last Wednesday, we went to Nogales, Arizona, praying along the border especially the oldest capitol building(1904) in Arizona(as far as we thought). I could hardly see Americans around except for my two companions and one border patrol. I guess it’s more of Mexican’s territory in Arizona. We had communion as Donna(who’s joining for few days from Page Arizona)was led to do it in behalf of Mexicans and American.So, we spend alot of time praying for Mexicans.

Nogales AZ

Oldest Courhouse in Arizona – Nogales, AZ


Mexico US fence

The same fence we saw on the 4th corner in San Diego

Then, today, we went to pray along the border of New Mexico, Texas and Mexico, up on the Mountain called Mt. Christo Rey. That was so interesting seeing a huge cross with Jesus Christ crucified on top of it. And on that far down left side was the wall between Mexico and New Mexico on the other side then Texas on the opposite.
We have to write down on our own journal /notes all the we got through this very interesting time of praying for these 3 ‘tribes’.
There’s so much to share about it 🙂

border of USA Mexico

This road leads up to the where the giant crucifix looks down on both nations

border Mexico USA

Sign on the path to the Crucifix

We’ll be leaving early tomorrow again for an 8hour drive to Del Rio, Texas, excluding stops and u-turns(hopefully only one u-turn) 🙂
I guess I am loving and enjoying praying along the border with music on the background, especially the dvd that came from our host from upper New York- beautiful couple Burnard and Jessie Scott.
Thankful always for keeping us in prayers while you’re driving with us in worship and intercession 🙂

Serious Border Patrol in Texas – Oct 13

After we passed through El Paso, the Border Patrol check point held us for more than an hour because I(meliza)don’t have my passport with me, only my California ID. Which I have been using since we were stopped a couple of times along the norther border patrol and without a problem at all. They warned us this time to bring the passport with me. Though with a sense of peace to continue our border prayer trip, so, we stayed in Del Rio that night.


Border patrol problems cause a rerouting

REALLY Serious Border Patrol on Oct 14

Then, Sunday(14th), we were on our way to Mission, Texas’ house of prayer group when we were stopped by the border patrol again. But this time, they were very serious and worst than the first. We were held for two hours and stopped us to go without showing them the proper document. We have to call our home base in Lindale to get a copy of my passport which was hidden in one of my luggages. To make the story short, they got the copies of it and released us with a real strong warning not to go through another border again because the next one will be much worst with the possibility of imprisonment and fine up to $10,000 plus deportation with a ban of no entry to America for 10 or more years.
We took it as God’s so we changed the route to go up North instead. We went to San Antonio for a night and the next day we joined with House of Prayer in Austin. That was really God’s direction upon hearing from the House of Prayer staff that our coming was very timely. God is good. We had an awesome time in pray and worship with them.


Rerouted..God’s in charge


sun set

Sun sets on our hopes to go all the way to Brownsville


Buckling the Belt in Houston –

                                100 Days on the Road

Our first night on the road was with friend Louise at her lovely home outside Houston.   So we felt it fitting to return to Louise on the 100th day and celebrate the completion of our around-the-nation prayer trip.   We prayed about putting a ‘belt of truth’ around our nation….part of the armor.   So the buckle would be here in Conroe, Texas.

Belt of Truth around USA

Buckling the Belt of Truth Around the USA

Home Again Home Again   Oct 17

We’re so amazed to think back on how we were able to do it. And how much experienced we had with God in an unexpected way. It’s all about God anyway! So Joyce and I would like to thank you so much for your partnerships in prayer, encouragement, and hospitality with generosity which helped accomplished this task up to the finish line.
We just did our reporting back to friends and YWAMers this afternoon here in Woodcrest. We were personally blessed to share amazing stories and experiences with God, with each other and with new/old friends we met along the highways and byways.

map of our trip

The map with our route in red

We had gotten that we should plan our route in red – like the blood.  And then after we traveld it we should change the color to Gold and Silver sparkles…the presence.
We are hoping to get some rest this time. Then back to our YWAM normal life again.
We do appreciate your prayers for Joyce and her family’s health and protection.
And for me, Meliza, ‘would need alot of prayer as I work on writing the book on spiritual warfare for teenagers/kids. Also for the plane ticket I will need to fly back to Philppines by March next year because my visa will expire a month after. Also protection and health for my loved ones, too. Thank you.
God’s blessings of love, peace, joy and all the fruits of the Spirit be upon you and loved ones. May HIS provision and protection keep you and family hunger for HIS presence each day.
Thank you so much for following us through this Pray USA 2012 fb page. Thank you for your faithfulness. God is good!

Thank You ALL !!

We drove 15,000 miles in 100 days.   And we received in gifts the cost of the trip as we went along….God provided to the penny what we needed.   And slept in 54 different beds,in 34 states.   We played and prayed at    \

















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