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2004 Ukraine and the First Orange Revolution

Beautiful children and beautiful traditions

In Ukraine we traveled the border with members of the School of Biblical Studies.   We had asked God for a message for Ukraine and when He whispered ‘hope, peace and justice’ I was a little disappointed.  It was so generic.  They He said the mute child would speak.   hmmm.   What does that mean?

Concerts for church outreach

We prayed over the water


We used our instruments to pray for peace, hope and justice….and that the mute child would speak.   We prayed on the high places and played over the water.  We joined other intercessory groups and we read scripture over the land.


Back in Kyiv the results of the elections were being contested.  The polling places were corrupt and the communist incumbent  unfairly won out over the Evangelical Christian candidate.  One and a half million post-communist Ukrainians were literally camped out on the main drag in Kyiv protesting the election !!   


Read more about the first Orange Revolution 

Orange Revolution in Kyiv

THE MUTE CHILD SPOKE…. and we learned that our musical prayers matter to God




Brazil 2005 The Viva Tour


Brazil music tour poster

6 Gringos playing the music of God for Brazil

The message for Brazil was ‘there is room for you at the table’ and ‘you are part of the family’. So we designed out program around LOVE. Instrumentation was 2 violins, flute, female vocal and piano and male vocal and piano. We used adaptations of standard repertoire as well as some original improvisation. And we had a dancer join with us and we projected visuals on walls as she danced and the group played. Each part of our presentation pointed to God’s love for the individual Brazilian and the nation as a whole.

pianist on Brazil tour

One special memory was at a leper colony. Our dancer had a system of 3 layers of neon stretchy nylon tubes. She started out dancing in all three tubes to Bach’s air on the G string. One at a time she released one colored tube giving her a two tone look but still without definition of body parts. Remember this is for the lepers who have lost many body parts to the horrendous disease. We watched the eyes around the room grow wide as she shed one layer after another finally exposing the flesh of her perfect arms, her hands, her fingers. It delivered hope for a better day when their bodies would be restored by the One who renews all.

dancer joining music group

Layers of stretchy


Circus is a big part of the Brazilian culture. Our dancer was skilled in fire dancing and we performed on the street to ecstatic crowds. I accompanied her fire breathing act with low fearsome tremolo screeching into high, wild glissade when the flames exploded from her throat. Not something they prepare you for a Julliard.

fire dance


Brazilian India portrait


China 2007 Waterfront Tour

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China in spring


God wanted us to take down the wall in China. Of course there is a real physical Great Wall there – built to keep out the enemy. But this was the year China built a different kind of wall. A wall to keep out the international community during the upcoming Olympic Games. Hotel prices were rumored to be more than ten times the normal rates and airline tickets skyrocketed. Visas were difficult at best if not impossible. They did not want an international embarrassment – so they put up the walls.

Head of dragon

Playing over the head of the dragon

In every nation there are walls in individual hearts shutting out the good news of the gospel. We prayed for those walls to go down also. We were two violinists – one with roots in native soil and one representing conquering cultures. As we traveled down the ocean front from the chickens top beak to his belly, we used music to pray for reconciliation between nations and security in the hearts of the Chinese. Walls come down.

Chinese Korean reconciliation

We prayed for new unity between nations


shofar invites his presence

Proclaiming His presence

Silk Road Tour 2008


This time with a violinist and vocalist we traveled down the original silk road. So much blood spilt there – both chinese blood and foreign blood. Our prayer was for a Chinese Moses to arise. Let my people go, that they might praise Me. Again there was a musical motif that was repeated in many configurations.

high places prayer

We prayed and praised from the high places


The following photos are from many other Symphony of Nations tours of different nations: teaching tours, performance tours, intercessory tours. Our goal is to apply music to the motto of Knowing God and Making Him Know – through the Arts !

fiddle tunes and kids

Children liked fiddle tunes

silk road countryside

out the window of train



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