ANSWERS to Musical Scavenger Hunt


Joyce Meade

Joyce Meade

Thanks for participating in the Scavenger Hunt.   Hope it helped you enjoy  “A New Song ~ Hope for America” CD.   Here are the answers and some explanations:

1.  In which track did I play viola instead of violin?   Number 8.   I was at home recording the voice and had a beautiful synth track to build on.  But the deep deep sounds of the resonating bass synth didn’t gel with my violin sound.   I got out the viola and tuned it down even lower.  So at the beginning you get that deep almost cello-like sound.

2. In one track there is a short scrap of an old favorite hymn.   Number 11 has a little bit of “Sweet Hour of Prayer” at about 10 min into this long meditative piece.

3.  Which track is in three quarter time signature?   Number 4   This one is easy if you know that a waltz is always in 3/4 time.   It means that the emphasis is on 1 followed by the less important 2nd and 3rd count.  Did you dance?

4.  There is a sampling of Vienna Boys Choir included in one track.  Number 11   First you need to know what “sampling” means.   It is a recording of the actual choir – the Vienna Boys Choir – where the sound quality of their voices has been captured and can be reproduced on any pitch of the scale you chose.   In this case it is a whole segment of one of their songs.  You probably  can’t understand the words but about 3.5  min  and again about 6 min and 8 min into track 11 you’ll hear some Austrian sounding ‘ooo’s.  Its part of the Agnus Dei.

5.  Where in the CD do you hear a familiar song of America?  Number 1 has segments of My Country Tis of Thee in a minor key denoting my opinion that the country has some problems and is not fully “His” as it once was.  The title of the song is a parody of an old popular tune called Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby by jazz artist Louis Jordan.

6.  Which track starts with harmonics?  Number 7   First of all, what are harmonics?  On any string instrument there are points along the vibrating string which are ‘dead’ or still.   These separate the sections of the vibrating string and when you touch it exactly right in one of the these non-vibrating points, you get a whispery pitch that does not necessarily relate to the usual tone produced on that position on the string.   So…given that, this is a hard one.  In track 7 it starts with synth and keys but when the violin first comes in – its on a harmonic.   If you got this one right you are a Grade A Number One listener.  Congratulations.

7.  When the I AM speaks, what does He promise us?   The song says “I will restore you and you will return.”  I wanted to end the CD on a positive hopeful note.

8.  Which track do you think those discerning grandchildren like to dance to?   Numbers 1 and 2 and 6 – they like those with strong beat of course.

9.  Where do you hear a clock?  Do you think its a real clock?   Number 5   The tick tock you hear is not a real clock.  It is a wood block.   By itself the woodblock seemed not complete so we recorded me saying the words ‘tick tock’ very softly and added that to the wood block sound – result?  A clock !

10.  On Which track did you hear French Horn?  Number 8 in the second part, after the voice stops reading the Psalm.


One last note. The teacher in me is anxious to explain why the tracks are in the order they are in.   The first few amount to a musical ‘state of the union’.   From there we go to a few tracks that are urging intercessors to be alert and listen carefully to the Father’s voice on behalf of our nation – to take seriously the role of watchman on the wall.   Then there comes a couple tracks that allow for a time of repentance – either personal or representational repentance for America.   Lastly I wanted to end on a hopeful note so you get the I AM Speaks.  Finally the last track about being friends with Jesus is a time to hang out with Him enjoying His love and comfort.


I’d love to hear your feedback on the idea of doing a musical scavenger hunt.   Did you enjoy it?  How did you use it?  With a group?  With your kids?  Thanks for any input you’d like to leave.   Leave me a reply below.  Thanks.    Blessings.  Joyce

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