It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O Most High,  PS92:1

No argument there.  Worship is perhaps the most common use of music in the church – the one we think of first.   We have more worship bands now and fewer church choirs, but music has been in the role of worship since David played his harp.  God’s Word says He ‘inhabits the praises of His people’  so this worship application is strongly related to the ‘incarnational’ application – #3 below.   I love hearing God’s voice during worship and knowing He is right there beside me smiling at all my out of tune harmonies and hearing my heart cry for the concerns of  life.

Today there is a greater emphasis on corporate worship.   We are worshiping when we go to church and sing songs about loving God.   And maybe we listen to a sermon or two about how worship is a lifestyle – that everything we do we should do as unto the Lord thereby making our lives a worship unto Him.  Thats cool.

I wonder though if God would not be especially pleased if our worship was something personal that we offer in our intimate moments with Him.  It could be something simple like a whispered ‘you’re awesome Lord,’ or  a ‘WOW – thats a beautiful tree (or child or mountain or…) .   Whether we’re in the car, or at home alone, or even surrounded by the chaos of life happening, we can have that secret place in our hearts where there is an ongoing conversation with our Lover God..  That kind of worship is pleasing to Him and uplifting to us in a way different from corporate worship.

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