Application #2 – Music for Relationship

Mostly I get relationship out of teaching.  I’d like to play in a large group and that may happen, but right now I am pouring myself into students – young and not so young.   My goal is to teach the skill and train the spirit to prepare them to use their music for a communication tool with God.  It puts a whole new twist on teaching.

violin student performing

Playing for Family and Friends


As well as relationship, teaching also is a way of passing on what you’ve learned over the years.  I believe this generation of musicians will face special challenges both in and out of the church.  Just playing songs will not be enough.  Our worship will have to go deep to sustain us in the challenges we’ll be facing.   Our musicians have to be trained to hear God’s voice as they play.  They will need to step into even greater spiritual leadership.

Small group music party

Small group music party

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