Application #3 Incarnational Music

The mysteries of God have been revealed to man in many ways.  He is present in His miracles –  from the Red Sea opening  to water turning into wine.  He is present in His Word.  The rhema Word speaks directly to our heart.  He is present in the sacraments such as Holy Communion and even marriage.  God is mysteriously present in those representations of Himself.  God was fully present -incarnate – in Jesus.    So can our music contain God?  Probably not, nothing can contain Him.  But maybe He makes room for Himself to flow through.

violin and Bible

powerful combination

For years I have asked God to speak to people thru my music …to use my violin as His voice.  It has always seemed too much to ask – too impossible.  But sometimes when I play I can see people responding to His Holy Spirit.  They cry or laugh or just sit there with a silly smile on their face – or is that me with the silly smile?  When God shows up and ministers to hearts thru our music it is an incredibly happy thing.

Last evening I played at a local house of prayer with a few other random musicians – random because we did not know each other.   There was uncommon unity and I found myself swept away in the beauty of His presence.  Meaningless religious jargon is weak language, but being swept away is a good description.   Ever been overboard in whitewater?  It was like that.   As I played over individuals I knew to stop when they pulled out a journal or began to weep.  They were hearing his voice.

What can we do to prepare ourselves for Him to flow thru our music – for Him to show up?

  • Stay open to Him – keep our heart soft and ready
  • Let Him choose the when and where – let Him surprise us
  • Worship authentically while we are playing – guard against just performing
  • Remember our audience of One – the important One


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