Application #4 Does Music Really Heal?

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Supernatural Healing thru Music

I don’t pretend to have great experience with healing.  I believe God does supernatural things and there are amazing stories of His intervention which I believe.   I know when I play my violin people are soothed (if thats the kind of sounds I’m making) If when He created the universe He ‘spoke’ or ‘sang’ then it follows that the vibrations set up by music have an effect on the physical creation.   I have seen a soprano hit that very very high C and the lovely crystal glass shatter.  Something unseen is happening there.

Water respond to sound in a visible way.   Get the right frequency and the water trembles.   If our bodies are 70-80% water then they must also respond to vibration – MUSIC !   Sometimes when I play over a congregation I hear Him say to spend time on my lowest A note (1st finger on G string).   I look out over the group and see people responding emotionally as I play that A.   What is happening in their minds, hearts….even in their bodies?

Have you had experience with visible physical healing, prayer and music?  There’s lots written on it –  Some from hard core name-it-and-claim-it-faith-healers.   Some moving testimonials of supernatural healing.  But not many mention the role of music.   Music therapists are filled with testimonials of the value of music in treatment plans.  (You don’t have to know the Creator in order to benefit from His creation).  If we are not afraid as Christians to dip into the new age literature we can find a lot of stuff.  Filtering it through our knowledge of God’s character what can we learn about the relationship between sound and physical healing?

Music as healing RX

Simple RX

Here is a fun link I liked.   Have you found any special ones?

Facts Wrapped in Creativity

From the George Center of Music Therapy



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