Working with Symphony of Hope

For two years I worked with Symphony of Hope (SOH)….yes, slightly different name, but very similar vision.  Doug and Noelle McClure have a vision to use teaching violin to instill value and character, restore broken lives and give hope. Discipleship and music teaching easily go hand in hand. There have already been amazing opportunities for SOH students to influence their nation.

SOH has student groups started with orphans in India, refugees in Germany, tribal children and street kids in Papua New Guinea with new groups getting started all the time and new invitations coming in from many nations.

Their goals are to help kids, young adults and any who have been sidelined….orphans, street kids, refugees, trafficked people and people groups needing reconciliation.

These boys are like brothers and love playing together.  KEEP SCROLLING DOWN…there’s more














The boys blessed the violins and prayed for Papua New Guinea




Violins being shipped to Paupa New Guinea

Beautiful Papua New Guinea.

We had enough violins for 18 people.

Expected that 36 would come for class and we’d share violins…

And then 54 people showed up.   wow.

Young and old alike. Youngest student was 5. Oldest was 52.

Such concentration.

Learning classroom behavior was important also.

This is where you place your bow.








After PNG in 2017 we went to Germany to work with the Middle Eastern refugees.  They were anxious to learn and were working on learning the German language as well as violin. Again, we had students of all ages – from 5 to 27. The cooperation between refugees and nationals in the orchestra was encouraging to the Germans. The music softened their hearts and minds to those who had been driven from their homes.

Our youngest German student.

The mix of nationalities was amazing and we all respected one another’s different cultures.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced students partying together.


We played Mighty Fortress is Our God 80 times in a row while marching in the Lavender Day Parade. The Germans love this hymn.




There have been many invitations to play in some pretty impressive places.


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