Call 2 Worship


Students of all ages gathered in the upper room to hear about ‘listening worship’.   We taught about how to musically tread water while waiting to hear which direction God would take our worship service and how to have one ear trained on Him and one ear on our instruments and the extra ear paying attention to the worshipers in our group.   Radical multi-tasking


photo 5Great team of multi-talented wacky women.  We came from three nations modeling unity and love for each other.  The Call 2 Worship is a seminar designed for local people of any nation wanting to learn more about leading worship.  We emphasize the heart of the worshiper and using our skill for His glory – not our own.   There were sessions of musical skill, team building, character of the worship leaders and ways to worship that go beyond singing songs.




I bought a ‘Bawa’ from this man.   It has a mellow clarinet sound and is quite palatable to the Western ear.  Maybe I can use it on my album of musical prayers.

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